LOTUS (NELUMBO nucifera) Is a stunning Lily has leaves and flowers that rise up to a metre out of the water and is native to Northern Australia, New Guinea and tropical Asia. Temperate varieties have fat edible rhizomes, tropical varieties have thinner rhizomes. The seeds and young shoots of tropical & temperate varieties are eaten by all cultures where it naturally occurs. Leaves are used as a food wrapper for steaming by the Chinese. It will grow in up to 3m of slow flowing or still water. It can be grown in large pots as an ornamental.  We have 2 varieties avaialble at the moment..

Paleface-Lotus-1Paleface Lotus - a white, pink tipped flower (temperate - sold as rhizome) Rhizomes are sent out as a 'starter pack' of 2 or 3 propagules (a rhizome or small growing plant bare rooted) this increases the chance for a sure start. Care should be taken not to break the tender shoots when unpacking or planting. The best time to plant and the only period we ship propagules is in spring to the end of January at the latest. Starter packs consisting of a few selected rhizomes with shoots $40 , which includes postage & packing



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